prose poem for today

“There is a brokenness out of which comes the Unbroken,


Shatteredness out of which comes the Unshatterable. 


There is a Sorrow beyond all grief


which leads to Joy


and a Fragility out of whose depths emerges Strength. 


There is Hollow Space too vast


for words through which we pass with each loss,


out whose darkness we are sanctioned into being. 


There is a Cry


deeper that all sound


whose serrated edge cut the heart


as we break open to the place inside


which is unbreakable and whole,


while learning to sing.”      



Who We Are

We make art in order not to die from the truth. F. Nietzsche

Ashlar Center for Narrative Arts is an arts driven non-profit educational organization that uses spoken word, writing, and arts processes for expression and healing.

We call it "serving the Personal Story".

Our goal is to build resilience in our story tellers.

And give these stories much needed public exposure across platforms.

We invite you to invite us.