Women of The World; a summit

Early last spring, we  (Andrea Steffens, executive director and Wendy Hawkins, operations director)  attended The Women in the World summit.  



We were deeply moved -- to tears constantly --  by the depth and incredible bravery of women in the world -- very well produced and created by women who care about women. It included people like Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Christiane Amanpour and other well known people -- but wait... it wasn't about them, about the celebrities, it was about their commitment to the unknown women and girls who are committed to change even where it is dangerous and there are few resources.  The presence of celebrities brings public attention that is otherwise impossible to acheive. The profits from this event goes to the WITW foundation that supports the work of unknown women and girls (some as young as fifteen years old) who, for example, risk death as they fight for young girls desire for education. We want to thank the women who created this event -- Tina Brown for starters -- they didn't have to do do it.  

So look at the you-tube insert below and Google Women in The World to see the ten or twelve video clips of speakers and panels at the summit. If you come away with a dry eye or without being inspired, write us.  

We will be going next year and hope to see you there.



Who We Are

Where the personal story can be safely explored and expressed.


Ashlar Center for Narrative Arts is an arts driven non-profit educational organization that serves the Personal Story.

We are Peace Builders working with the individual and community.

We come to our clients by invitation and with them develop culturally relevant programs.

The goal is resiliency and capacity building.

We use spoken word, writing, arts processes and music to extend  language, to give shape, form and voice to the unspoken and make coherent the life story.  

Our goal is to empower people through their own personal work with story to work in community.

Our goal is to extend understanding toward respecting and appreciating cultural difference. 

Our desire is to nurture relationship, encourage learning and teaching through community involvement.  

We provide lay people the means to become Narrative Arts Facilitators so they can better serve community. 

While our work is highly therapeutic it is not psychotherapy.  Our processes lie closer to anthropology, and spirituality with its mythological underpinnings.

Students who dive deeply into the depths of the personal story, emerge in the human story that belongs to all of us. 

We invite you to invite us.